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It is good to vent your frustrations sometimes so good on you for doing so. I am sad to hear about the nasty people but just forget them if you can because there are more nice people who appreciate your work and the sharing of your wonderful ideas. I thank you and wish you a happy new year Tassy!


You go girl tell them off!


I'm right behind you Tassy.... I have loved reading your articles and watching you videos.. I don't always get time to leave you comments, but do follow you.. I have bene getting feed updates, i love to hear what you are up to.... I loved it when you came across to Trimcraft when you were first playing with the new Smirk range.... don't let anyone stop you doing what you love to do. You are very talented and they are the 'sad' ones with nothing better to do then go around bullying....
Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year... Hoping that 2010 will be a good one for all.
Hugs rozzy xx


i love your fighting spirit...reminds me of someone i used to know ;)


Thank you all for your comments:)I really didn't expect anybody to comment! Sometimes I do think nobody reads it so I allow myself to go a bit mad.Anyway, Thank you so much everybody(I mean it).
I have always been a fighter and there have been a time in my life,where due to personal circumstances, I have been crushed and I lost my fighting spirit, I have been very wobbly as far as self esteem/confidence was concerned.But now, I have been picking up back pieces of my life together...and my previous strength is coming out. Do not forget, I am an aries and I can be fierce.But I can also be the lamb, hahaha...Anyway, speak to you all soon and do comment as If you don't then I wouldn't know you came, would I?Bye!


Thanks for the opportunity to get to know you a little bit more. You inspire me. Someday I hope to be doing what you are doing and would like to build a blog and video some art but I have not got the confidence to do that yet.
I love your art. I wish I had your talent.

Keep up the good work.


Sandy! I just wanted to comment back in case you came back to read. I am so glad I have inspired you - I was looking at the date I pusblied this article and its nearly a year and now I am even stronger, to the point that I really do not care about what others have to say, or think! haha. So yeah, you go girl, just don't worry about others, worry about you, worry about the fact that you have only one life, one chance to do what you wanna do.And if you need any help regarding filming, or bloggin , anything at all, let me know, I am all ears and will do everything I can to help you out.Having said that, I am hoping to do a video tutorial about how to film, edit and publish, from start to finish so keep an eye out.This might come out within the next few weeks, time permit.
Take care and thanks for commenting.

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